Additional Security Measures Coming to France Train Stations

scissor error confirmed in train crash in france std original
scissor error confirmed in train crash in france std original

In France, there are additional security measures at the railway stations: France, following the Paris attacks, also carries out similar security measures at airports. Metal detectors for the Thalys high-speed trains carrying the passengers on the Paris - Brussels line, will be launched in December.

French Transport Minister Segolene Royal, who observes security measures at Gare du Nord in Paris on the spot, said the police also have control over the luggage:

Dır The occasional train and ticket control in the train has been carried out regularly for several months before boarding the train. In addition, special units will be served in the garda accompanied by dogs searching for bombs. Purpose more security ”

France, which started border controls under a three-month emergency situation, discusses the use of metal detectors planned for international lines for domestic trains.

The annual cost of the system, which is currently being prepared for the Belgian and German lines, is expected to reach 2.5 million Euros.



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