Bicycle Tour Held in Bahçelievler 7th Street

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality supported by the European Union and the Delegation of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, organized by the "European Mobility Week" activities under Bahçelievler 7. A bicycle tour was organized on Caddebost (Aşkaabat Street).

Every year, 16-22 is celebrating the-European Mobility Week “in Bahçelievler 7. The street was closed to traffic between 10.00-15.00 and allocated to pedestrians and cyclists.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO coordinator for the first time to events that occurred in Ankara, Deputy Foreign Minister Faruk Kaymakcı, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Ali Neurosurgery, the European Union Delegation to Turkey President Ambassador Christian Berger, Turkey Union of Municipalities of the Secretary-General Hayrettin Güngör, ambassador in Ankara , Turkey cycling Federation Representative Murat Yumrutaş 7 with many cycling and attending guests. Pedal along the street.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Foreign Minister Faruk Kaymakcı emphasized the importance of diversification in transportation. Let's ride more bikes. Let's use more public transport. Let's find a place on our bike and on our bus. Let's take a bike path on our bikes, streets and streets. Let's not burn fuel, burn our fats. Movement is abundance Hareket said.

Ambassador Christian Berger, Head of the Delegation of the European Union, said that their aim is to promote sustainable urban transport. Our motto is 'Diversify and Continue' this week. Promoting different means of transport and reducing traffic congestion. Farklı

Turkey Union of Municipalities Secretary General Hayrettin Güngör, encouraging public transport to people's activities, noting that organized in order to increase the use of bicycles "The number of municipalities participating in this event since 2002 years have not passed seven. But this year the 25 municipality performs these activities. Our goal is to spread it throughout Turkey Union of Municipalities of Turkey and develop this activity, "he said.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Ali Goksin, street tradesmen and the satisfaction of the citizen will be expressed by the satisfaction, such studies will continue to be said.

Turkey Cycling Federation Representative Murat Yumrutaş in a short speech at the event, also stressed the need to remember that the bicycle is a means of transportation.


Citizens and participants showed great interest in the event, which was organized under the motto sağlıklı Diversify and Continue sağlıklı in order to encourage people to move in public life, to increase the use of bicycles and to promote healthier alternatives by changing their transportation habits. Citizens supported pedestrianization projects and bicycle transportation and expressed their thoughts as follows:


The 57-year-old Figen Eyewitness emphasized that the bike was a means of transportation and said, ındaki Let's move. I ride a bike. Without exhaust fumes. Without polluting our environment. I've been actively riding bike for 1. I say 'ride out of the car, ride a bike' to everyone. Bicycle is a free vehicle that makes you happy. The first gift that I will receive from my grandchildren is a bicycle. Tor

Yağız Mert Çakmak, who is of 14, stated his satisfaction with the event and said that “Having cycling events in Ankara is good for cyclists X.

Mustafa Enginar, 79, said that he lived in Bahçelievler 54.Cadde and said: de I've been interested in sports since 1949. A nice event, I want more activities related to sports, Güzel he said.

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