Teferrüç'te traffic jam last

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which solved all the nodes of the traffic in the city, completed the work on the intersection in Teferrüç Square, where traffic density increased with the renewal of the ropeway line. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the intersection of 3 neighborhood intersection with the traffic of the region took a comfortable breath, he said.

Rail system lines, new roads and road widening work, intersection and bridge manufacturing and urban solutions to the problem of traffic to the city's metropolitan municipality, Teferrüç, Piremir and Zümrütevler neighborhoods crossing the traffic problem at the intersection of Teferrüç square has eliminated. The traffic confusion caused by the intersection arrangement vehicle density in the region which has an area of ​​approximately 3 thousand square meters has ended.

Confusion ended
Mayor Recep Altepe, who stated that they have implemented the projects that will take the breath to the city transportation, examined the arrangement of the junction completed with the accompanying Deputy Secretary General Fehmi Ökten in Teferrüç Square. Teferrüç, Zümrütevler and Piremir neighborhood at the intersection of Teferrüç square, especially with the renewal of the ropeway line, which also reminded the increase in traffic intensity President Altepe, üç the world famous, because of the cable car in the city of Teferrüç square is one of the important centers. In this region, especially in the traffic troubles were experienced. Some of the applications we wanted to do were also blocked for years. Now the editing is now done. With the completion of the intersection regulation, traffic in the region has accelerated. The middle core greening has been completed. We will be even more beautiful with the landscaping we will do. Yap

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