We Should Protect The Only Sea Marmara, Its Borders Belong To A Single Country

We Should Protect the Single Sea Marmara, which belongs to a Single Country: The International Marmara Underwater Imaging Festival was held at Haydarpaşa Station. In the festival, it was pointed out that the Marmara Sea, the only sea with borders belonging to one country, should be protected.

In order to draw attention to the fact that the Marmara Sea is still alive and home to many creatures, the International Fisheries Club of Turkey is held every year at the Haydarpaşa Station, one of the most important architectural monuments of Istanbul.

  1. While the underwater volunteers who drifted deep into the Marmara Sea for the International Marmara Underwater Imaging Festival were viewing many creatures, it was aimed to prevent environmental pollution by organizing the activities.

Depths are very alive

15 in which images taken in various seas of the world. 25 photographer and one thousand 110 artists from 100 countries participated in the International Marmara Underwater Imaging Festival. Marcello D Francesco, Alex Vrani from Italy, Martin Hristov from Bulgaria and Mario Odorisio were among the winners. Water category in Turkey Recep Donmez Donmez Horizons was the first. Hakan Basar, Aziz Saltik, Serhan Akin, Ferhan Coskun, Erkan Balk, Osman Temizer, Ali Dalgic and Vedat Eren were among the winners of underwater volunteers who managed to display various forms of creatures such as scorpionfish, roosterbeans, mackerel and crab and goby.

Chairman of the Board of TBK Nezih Saruhanoğlu; Ik We have proven that the Marmara is still alive. There are plenty of lives in the depths and we should see them next generations. We protect our seas and protect our future. Deniz President of the festival Assoc. Dr. Osman Ürper; “If we are friends with the seas, we can build our future. Serço Eşkiyan, who tried to clean the seas individually, and the Milliyet Correspondent Gökhan Karakaş, who drew attention to the environment and sea news, gave the Muh Dostlar Dostı Environment dikkat award to those who strive for this purpose. Şt We must protect the only sea of ​​Marmara in the world. Dün


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