Denizli to get to the ropeway

Denizli gets its cable car facility: Giving the good news that they will open the cable car, which will make Denizli a brand in plateau tourism, on October 15 at the latest, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Zolan said, "We are preparing a living facility".

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan explained the work done so far, his future projects and goals. Stating that they are experiencing the intensity of being a metropolitan city, Mayor Zolan said, “You are building the system from the beginning. We came to a certain point about him without any accident. We have come to serve every part of the city. "We are doing 500 kilometers this year." Mayor Zolan, who gave the good news that they will open the cable car, which will make the city a brand in plateau tourism, on October 15 at the latest, said: Tests are being done. The lines are turning right now. Then the cabins will return. The aim of the cable car is not just to watch Denizli. There is Bağbaşı Plateau above. We built bungalow houses in the plateau. We have tents and picnic areas. We have restaurants and cafes. They will stay in tent areas and bungalow houses. "It will be a living facility." Stating that they established Denizli Water Sewerage Administration after becoming a metropolitan city, Zolan said, “We started the construction of 42 new water tanks. Water tanks built 50-60 years ago have never been cleaned. As Metropolitan, we maintained all warehouses. There are 1057 cemeteries. The trees were pruned and cleaned. As a result, we made investments in drinking clean water. We are renovating the infrastructure from top to bottom, ”he said. Reminding that there are ski centers in Tavas, Zolan continued as follows: “Last year we operated the facilities. We had shortcomings in social areas. Arrangements for ski slopes were needed. We will take care of these now. This winter, our ski center will serve the Aegean Region and the Mediterranean Region. A place at an altitude of 2300. There is snow for 4 months. We will have closed areas. It will be very beautiful like Uludag. Bozdağ is important in terms of both tourism and sports, and ropeway alternative tourism. Our ski resort will be great this winter. Our ski slopes will be opened. The chairlift is already running. We have 3 lines. Our ski run lengths are also good, ”he said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:28

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