Yenibosna metrobus stop overpass in Istanbul flooded

Yenibosna metrobus stop flooded the overpass in Istanbul: Following the warnings of meteorology in Istanbul, the expected precipitation began to show its effect in the afternoon. Citizens had difficulty walking in Yenibosna metrobus stop overpass in short rain.

The rain began to show its effect in Istanbul in the afternoon. There was a puddle in the overpasses in the rain, where citizens who did not consider the warnings of the meteorology were caught off guard. The formation of a puddle in a part of the overpass going to the metrobus station in Yenibosna had a hard time for the citizens to walk. Citizens, who suddenly wanted to escape from the rain, waited in front of the bus stop and work places. Citizens who went out with their umbrellas went on their way regardless of the rain.



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