Even the drum is forgotten

Even the drums were forgotten: In Eskişehir, some items forgotten on the tram and on the bus say, ehir It can't be that much Dav.

The Lost Goods Office of Estram Public Relations Bureau of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is hiding the forgotten items on trams and buses. There are quite interesting materials among the items. There is even a drum clapper in the warehouse where there are so many items from the bag to the identity card, from the toy truck to the thermo.

Giving information about the issue Estram Public Relations Officer Gulbahar Silver, forgotten items on the bus and trolleys come to the Lost Property Office, he said. Gümüş, om Nearly a thousand lost or forgotten items coming to our office. The number of retrieved items is about half that of lost items. The remaining items are kept here for a certain period of time, and then the goods are distributed to those who need it by the municipality. The remaining items are also destroyed. Because things like food that we're going to destroy in things are like, Çünkü he said.

Silver, buses or trolleys for those who forget their belongings in the bus station can take them from the Lost Property Office.

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