Deputy Kalaycı asked about Konya-Kayacık Logistics Center

Deputy Kalaycı asked Konya-Kayacık Logistics Center: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaycı asked why the Konya-Kayacık Logistics Center construction tender was canceled.

MHP Deputy Secretary General and Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalayci, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Feridun Bilgin gave a proposal to be answered in writing by the request. According to the Kalaycı proposal, the Konya-Kayacık Logistics Center expects to be built for 8 years. According to the TCDD official site, many of the scheduled logistics centers in the 8 have been opened to service. The construction tender of the Konya-Kayacık Logistics Center, which entered the Investment Program in 17, was finally made on 2008 June 26, but 2014, which 49 has applied to the company, has been canceled in the press dated 20 August 2015 UM.

Mustafa Kalaycı stated the following in his question motion; Lojistik Why was the tender for Konya-Kayacık Logistics Center construction canceled? What is the problem? 49 company participated in the tender about 14 month what was made, what was expected? Why is the reason for the public not disclosed? What is the reason why, in the first place, the 634 thousand square meter area is planned to be increased to one million square meters? Has there been a change of location in the area? In the beginning there was an unpredictable development? As of the 2007 year, what dates and what kind of reconstruction plans have been made by the district and metropolitan municipalities in relation to the logistics center area? For the Logistics Center area, how many square meters has been expropriated, how many pounds per square meter, how many people and what amount has been paid the expropriation price ?. Has there been any problem in the expropriations? Is there a situation where a complaint or case is made? Will the logistics center construction tender be re-launched? When?. When will the center of this center be opened?

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