Nissibi Bridge Joins the Hearts

Nissibi Euphrates Bridge Betty De Combine: which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's 3rd largest suspension bridge, and combines these hearts.
Turkey's 3rd largest suspension bridge which Nissibi Euphrates Bridge, all belonging to the project by Turkish engineers is dazzling. The 610-meter-long “Bosphorus Bridge of the East” is near the distance. Nissibi Bridge unites the hearts as well as the distances.
Salih Demir, 29, who worked as a plumber in Şanlıurfa, took his wife Adıyamanlı Remziye Demir from his home and took a souvenir photo on the Nissibi Bridge during his trip to Şanlıurfa. Bride and groom relatives, who had fun with halays and games at the bridge, immortalized their happiness with the photos they took.
Thousands of vehicles passed through the Nissibi Bridge, which was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with a magnificent ceremony recently. The Nissibi Bridge, which opened to traffic about 10 days ago, brought a different excitement to the region. From time to time, young people perform dangerous demonstrations with their motorcycles on the bridge. Stating that they had to wait for ferries for hours before and that the ferry did not provide service after 21.00 in the evening, the citizens stated that they did not experience transportation interruption with the bridge.
With the opening of the bridge, the ferries used in passenger transport also shut down their engines. The ferries now became the fishing place for young people.

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