Amanos Tunnel Again

Amanos Tunnel is on the Agenda Again: The Amanos Tunnel project, which was brought to the agenda in 2012, has not progressed after 3 years.
CHP Gaziantep deputy Mehmet Seker, eleri to explain the crazy projects in the election squares, after the election has been sheltered to remove these projects has become a AKP classic. One of them is the tunneling project of the Amanos in Hatay called the crazy project açma.
According to the news of Taraf's Güler Yılmaz, this tunnel to be opened in the Amanos Mountains will go from 221 km to 136 km between Gaziantep and Iskenderun, from 186 km between Kahramanmaraş and Iskenderun to 151 km. - Stating that the distance between Iskenderun is planned to descend from 153 km to 113 km, Mehmet Şeker stated that this project, which was announced in November 2012 and made materials by the government in the 2014 local elections, said that “it was tendered in 2013 and the first in 2014. He reminded the statements made by the ruling wing that the pickaxe will be shot ”.
Mehmet Şeker said, ında However, from the 2012 until today, there is no tender for the project in question and this project is included in the investment programs. As a matter of fact, the AK Party in Amanos Tunnel project has been removed from dusty shelves and attached to the various points of Gaziantep, the Amanos Mountains are drilled and show a tunnel. Ethically, this situation is not right to deceive the obvious people, Etik he said.
Candidate also gave a motion to Parliament to respond to the Prime Minister Davutoğlu'nun request. “Are there any studies to tunnel the Amanos Mountains, called the crazy project of Hatay, since the day it was made public? Amanos Tunnel project has been included in the investment program? What year has been received? What is the amount of the start-end of the project, total cost, total amount of credit-own funds, amount of expenditure made so far by years? I.


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