Full Text from Citizens to Vuslat Journey with YHT

Full Note from Citizens on Vuslat Journey with YHT: The Eyup Municipality organized a trip to Eyup Sultan from Konya, Turkey.

Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydın's vision of the project is located between the first time in Turkey High-speed train bearing the organization of its kind carried out "Eyup Sultan from Mevlana Vuslat Journey" hundreds Eyüplü so far in the visit, Maulana Hazrat in Konya had the opportunity to. Eyüplüler, who participated in this big project realized under the coordination of Eyüp Municipality Press and Public Relations Department, leave the trip with great happiness and satisfaction. The survey on the way back to the Eyüplülde revealed these striking results. According to the survey conducted with approximately one thousand 500 people, the satisfaction of the personnel is 86, and the satisfaction with the overall journey is still the percentage of 86.

Satisfaction with the lunch offered by Eyüp Municipality in Konya was 85 percent, satisfaction with the tour guide who provided information about Konya and Hazreti Mevlana was 87 percent, and the overall satisfaction rate about the trip was 85 percent. "Would you recommend Eyüp Municipality's activities to those around you?" The answer given to the question was answered as "yes" with 90 percent.

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