Hope wagon

Hope wagon: The new world dreams of Syrian fugitives, who were deceived with the promise of being taken to Bulgaria for a thousand dollars, ended at Edirne Train Station. The bitter truth emerged upon the cry of a baby hiding in the freight car.

terrorist organization in the Syrian city of Haseki Daesan fleeing from the bombing, 10 days ago arrived in Turkey illegally. The organizers were paid a thousand dollars per person to go to Bulgaria.


After evacuating the grain load from Bulgaria, the smugglers were put in the wagons left in the parking lot. The fugitives who spent the night in the wagons were spotted by the gar attendant who heard the sound of the baby crying in the train car preparing for the morning exit. The campaign was canceled and the police was informed. Police teams searched the wagons, 2 wagons, babies, children and women between the 35 leak caught. Police went after the guides that brought the Syrian fugitives to Edirne. Investigations are under way.


While trying to go abroad illegally BODRUM rubber boats sinking Myanmar national 4 leak, while swimming in the water was rescued by the Coast Guard teams. The team continued to patrol, on the Black Sea Island also noticed the Syrian national 35 leak. The escaped escapes of the boats were landed from Milta Bodrum Marina. It could be said that the smugglers could be organizers.

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