Subcontractor Highway Workers in Denizli

Subcontractor Highway Workers in Denizli Leave Work: In Denizli, the subcontracted employees of the 27 Branch of Highways commenced to quit work on the grounds that they received their wages late and their overtime wages were not paid.
27 worker who works for 95 Headquarters of the Highways and subcontractor company has left a job. Workers who try to make their voices heard by sitting in the Lounge of the Chiefs in İncilipınar Quarter; the problem is not only limited to Denizli workers in Aydın, Manisa, Muğla and Izmir working in the same difficulty in working friends said.
Each month's 15'da need to get monthly charges, while the subcontractor firm that the late payment of various excuses and also said that the overtime pay is not paid workers, said: ler During the winter time, we did 80 hours overtime. 20 hours paid overtime. In addition, every year overtime falls. The subcontractor is ignoring our safety and health to make more profit. We want to find solutions to our problems. Yaş
Hikmet Öcel, the secretary of the Denizli Branch of the Yol-İş Union, tried to dissuade the strike by meeting with the workers. Öncel said that they want employees to return to work so that they do not have severance pay and acquired rights. Ile According to the contract with the company, not going to work one day means that the dismissal and severance pay are not paid. Company officials, the General Directorate of Highways said no payment was made. Talks in progress. Görüş
Meanwhile, a group of CHP supporters visited the workers by supporting. It was noted that the evening of the workers' action will continue tomorrow.

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