Trabzon-Samsun highway closed for traffic due to landslide

The Trabzon-Samsun highway was closed to traffic due to the landslide: A landslide occurred in the morning at the Akyazı Mahallesi location of the Trabzon-Samsun highway. The road was closed for transportation due to the landslide that occurred after the demolition of the retaining wall of a house. Transportation is provided from the area where the Akyazı Stadium is under construction, in order to relieve the heavy vehicle traffic between the Beşirli District of Trabzon and the Akçaabat district.
Trabzon Governor A. Celil Öz announced that the Trabzon-Samsun road was closed to transportation due to a landslide. In his statement, Governor Öz said, “The road was closed to traffic as a result of the demolition of the retaining wall of a house construction being built at the site in question and the accompanying landslide. In this slip, a minibus passing through the highway was damaged and a person inside was slightly injured. All of our teams arrived at the scene instantly and the work to clean the road started. Due to the risk of landslides that may occur in the region despite the cleaning of the road, the roads are not opened to traffic, and efforts are given to provide transportation within the Akyazı embankment area. ” said.
Although the road is cleared, it is not opened to traffic due to the risk of landslides that may re-occur in the region, while Akyazı stadium is aimed to be provided bilaterally at 03.00:XNUMX.
Meanwhile, it was claimed that the demolition of the retaining wall occurred during the controlled blasting process carried out in the tunnel construction under the house and under construction.

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