Successful Students Come to Erciyes from Uçhisar and Receive Ski Training

Successful Students Come to Erciyes from Uçhisar and Receive Ski Training: Uçhisar Municipality sends successful students to Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center on weekends to reward them and provide them with ski training.

Successful students studying at various schools in Uçhisar town, one of the most important tourism centers of the Cappadocia region, are rewarded with ski training by the municipality. Within the framework of the project, 6 children who are learning in 15th grade are taken to Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center on Saturdays. While children who take ski training here have the opportunity to have fun as they wish, all their expenses are covered by Uçhisar Municipality.

Stating that they started such a project in order to arouse interest in skiing, to make them love this sport, to give students a healthy lifestyle and to encourage success, Uçhisar Mayor Ali Karaaslan said, “Within the scope of the project that started with the concept of cultural skiing, we continue to spread and tell our people the cooperation we have with Kayseri Erciyes, We organized this program in order to popularize and adopt skiing sport. Young people who do sports show a better development both physically and mentally. They become individuals with high self-confidence and more success in their school life. As the municipality, we plan to continue the ski training, which we initiated in order to spread and develop social, cultural and sports activities in our town, with the social, cultural and sports activities of our municipality in the coming days. We are planning many activities for our children and youth throughout the town. With the activities that will continue in the spring and summer periods and even throughout the year, our children and young people will not only socialize but also get rid of bad habits. I think we will achieve this with our activities that we aim to fulfill our responsibilities for future generations who are responsible, tolerant, respectful to the environment, open to development, and have leadership qualities ”.