No Fan in Izmir Metro

The last shock in the Izmir Metro There is no fan in the subway: The former head of the department, Hanefi Caner, reported that the Izmir Metro's Üçyol-Üçkuyular line had a calculation error in the diameter of the fans that would blow the smoke in the possible fire.

Hanefi Caner, the former rail system department head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has also announced one more talk about the subway line's ÜçyolÜçkuyalar line to Egeli Sabah. Hanefi Caner said that the diameter of the fans, which would blow the smoke from a possible fire in the opposite direction, which would blow the passengers stuck inside from poisoning, was calculated incorrectly. Stating that the installed fans are very weak, Caner said, “Fans are vital factors in subway and tunnel construction. These are 'sine qua non' systems for those who are trapped inside to breathe air. In the event of a fire, fans blow out the fumes in the opposite direction of their escape wherever people are trapped. Thus, it saves time for those who are stuck inside. It prevents people from being negatively affected by smoke, drowning and dying. I do not think the ventilation fans work in Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro. Even if it works, I don't think these fans have enough diameters. ”

Caner explained that the tests should be done after the tunnel construction is finished, “These tests show whether the structure is healthy and whether the system is working properly. If all this is done and there is no problem, the line is opened to passenger trips. These tests were not carried out on the 5.5-kilometer Üçyol-Üçkuyular line. ” Claiming that mistakes have been made in the engineering projects, tender, manufacturing, consultancy services and supervision services of the Üçyol Üçkuyular line, Caner said, “Unfortunately, all of these things were made wrong. As a result, today's picture appeared. While preparing the 11.5 kilometers long Üçyol-Bornova subway, we have prepared 4 rooms full of 9 layouts. Today these are still in the storages of Metro AŞ, in Halkapınar. However, 500-5.5 layouts were carried out for the 600-kilometer-long Üçyol-Üçkuyular line. In other words, the details of the project were not elaborated. ”

Stating that the World Rail Systems Association has examined metro lines in terms of life and property safety, and issued a certificate regarding the safety of the line, Caner said, “I do not believe that the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line is certified. Here there will be a technical fault in the slightest Turkey, would be disgraced world, enters the bottom of the blame, "he said. Hanefi Caner previously told Egeli Sabah that the tunnel was shaved, the signaling system was insufficient, and serious mistakes were made in the project and tender stage to catch the gauge in the subway.

Stating that Kocaoğlu has sold white goods for many years, Caner continued his speech as follows: “If we give an example, not every television has the same features. You can easily see the tears of the person crying on the screen in a television with HD image quality. However, you cannot notice this detail on a TV that does not have this feature. Because the image quality of HD television is much higher than the other. This difference is automatically reflected in the price. The project is something like that. Come on, you don't understand from the project. When the president made the statement that the subway will be finished in 2010, I said 'it never ends'. Indeed, what I said came out. It's still not finished yet.

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