Bursalı Women Close The Ring Road With Stones Second Time

📩 21/02/2021 20:15

The residents of Bursa, whose houses were expropriated by the municipality in 2004 and the ring road was built, closed the road to traffic with stones. Citizens, who closed the same road to traffic recently, said that they would not open the road to traffic until their rights were granted.

The women in the Şirinevler District of the central Yıldırım district took their children with them and took action. Citizens claimed that the municipality did not pay for the land and houses it bought in 2004 for the road and closed the nearby ring road to traffic. The citizens who claim that their houses and lands on 11 thousand 5 square meters of land were expropriated by the municipality, but neither money nor land were given, "We emigrated from Trabzon in 800. We established the Sirinevler District. We built houses on our lands here. In 1985, the municipality asked us to make this a road and market place. We also allowed. Our places were expropriated, our houses were destroyed. The road was made here, but we have not been paid for 2004 years. Noting that 11 people have rights over an area of ​​7 square meters, which is owned by 5 people, Ilk said, “We have expropriated our houses here and did not pay for the houses. We have a title here. The land with this road is ours. We are not saying do not make a marketplace or a road. We are the victims, let them pay our money. We love our state. ”

One of the landowners, Eve (67) said, “We are not saying that the road should pass or not. May they give us our right. We have 100 population. Even my child died here. We want our right. Whatever it is done, but they should give our right. ”

Citizens. said that if they were not granted rights, they would break the road with construction equipment and act as an agricultural area.

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