Bursa Expands Network in Domestic Production

Bursa Expands Network in Domestic Production: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that Bursa will realize 100 percent domestic production in the aviation and defense industry.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Turkey's first light rail system in 100 percent of domestic production in the aerospace and defense industry produces vehicles in Bursa announced that it would perform.
Altepe met with Hasan Çepni, Head of MUSIAD Bursa Branch. At the meeting held in the historical presidency building in Heykel, the state of Bursa's economy and brand-based studies were discussed. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that Bursa's economy is working to realize 100 percent domestic production in the aviation and defense industry. Reminding that light rail system vehicles were produced by a private company with completely domestic resources under the consultancy of the Metropolitan Municipality before, and that the same factory switched to the production of high-speed train parts, Altepe noted that the industry, which has gained its self-confidence with the steps taken, spends time to make similar investments in the aviation and defense industry. Altepe emphasized that the attention of the whole world was drawn to Bursa with the removal of the rail system vehicles and that the equivalent company made a discount of 3 out of 2 in the wagon sales price, “A good trend has been created in the field of rail systems in favor of equity. This new trend, which emerged under the leadership of our Metropolitan Municipality, opened the door for other similar productions ”.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe emphasized that there is no reason for the industry, which has a new machine park and does not have a shortage of human resources, not to produce high-tech products. “Bursa is a city with a strong production infrastructure. If there is production, there is everything. If there is no production, there is a lot of trouble. Saying that we need to produce and earn more ”, President Altepe emphasized strategic products in his speech. Drawing attention to the necessity of turning to advanced technology products with high added value, Altepe said that today an airplane part as much as a clock piece is more expensive than a truck and the profitability is parallel to this. Altepe said, “If we produce technological products with 100 percent domestic resources, we will make great progress both in terms of economy and promotion. Here, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we stand by our industrialists and are ready for all kinds of support. As long as the right strategy is established and steps are taken ”.
MUSIAD Bursa Branch President Hasan Çepni noted that they followed the activities of President Altepe regarding Bursa with envy. Emphasizing that in the last 10 years, Bursa has experienced worldwide changes, that all historical and touristic places of the city have been renewed, the huge stadium of 45 thousand people has come to the stage of opening entirely with the own resources of the municipality, and many national and international steps have been taken in this period. He stated that they are with him and that they will continue to provide unconditional support. Çepni thanked Altepe for his support for the association building transferred to MUSIAD in Kulturpark and said, "We are grateful to you in the 20th anniversary of our establishment."

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