Germany Economic Council, to be held in Eskisehir, Turkey Symposium

Germany Economic Council Symposium to be held in Eskisehir, Turkey: Turkey Germany Economic Council Symposium, to be held in Eskişehir on November 27.

which is also Germany Economic Council, member of the board of Hisar Group's top manager in Eskisehir (CEO) Victory Turks, in his written statement, Eskisehir Governor's Office, Chamber of Commerce, the symposium will be hosted by Anadolu University, "The Future of Industry and Turkey-Germany Cooperation" title He stated that the subject of aviation and rail systems will be discussed under.

Stating that Hisarlar Group is a brand with significant investments in high technology and international certifications, Türker said that he is a member of the same German Economic Council.

“Hisarlar Group, which has partnerships and strategic cooperation with many international brands, is a pioneer and home in Eskişehir as a rail systems and aviation center. Eskişehir has sufficient infrastructure and human resources for aviation and rail systems, which are among the most important of high value-added and advanced technology sectors.

Türker emphasized that they are locomotives in this regard with R&D investments and international collaborations, and that they are engaged in intensive activities to attract a significant portion of these investments to Eskişehir, and continued as follows:

“With this symposium, industrialists, businessmen and investors from Eskişehir will meet more closely with Europe's big and brand companies and exchange views on joint investment and cooperation. Company representatives who will come to the symposium on Friday morning by High Speed ​​Train from Istanbul will visit Hisarlar Group factories in the morning, and in the evening they will meet businessmen from Eskişehir at dinner.

He noted that the council, which is organized with 150 branches in Europe and has 12 thousand members, is one of Europe's largest industrialists' associations.



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