Ended at Eskişehir Design and Innovation Center

The Eskisehir design and innovation center has come to an end
The Eskisehir design and innovation center has come to an end

Eskişehir OSB Executive Vice President and ATAPI Board Member Text Saddler, Industry and Technology Ministry and the EU to be established in Eskişehir Technology Development Zone with Turkey Delegation of approval "Eskisehir Design and Innovation Center" was announced in recent bride.

Eskişehir, which is the leading center of our country in aviation, rail systems, white goods, ceramics, machinery and metal industry, is experiencing the excitement of soon reaching an important center. prepared the project in 2017 and in 2018, Industry and Technology Ministry and the EU Delegation to Turkey approved by "Eskisehir Design and Innovation Center (ETI)" in Eskisehir will offer competitiveness and development considerable support has the potential sectors. With the Design and Innovation Center, solutions will be produced for the current design problems of rail systems, aviation, ceramics, white goods, automotive, machinery and metal industries. The center, the building of which is planned to be opened during the year; It will seriously contribute to strengthening the main and sub-industries, increasing international competitiveness and establishing national and international collaborations.

The design aspect of our industry will be improved

Metin Saraç, Deputy Chairman of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB) and Member of the Board of Anadolu Technology Research Park (ATAP), spoke about the establishment idea of ​​the center and said, “The railway, aviation, white goods, machinery and metal production sectors of Eskişehir stand out as leading sectors. However, most of the companies operating in these leading sectors are SMEs, and in most of them, we have found that their ability to design, prototyping and produce new products is lacking. We set off with the idea of ​​establishing a design and innovation center in order to meet the insufficient resources and support our companies in design and R&D investment. We started searching for resources to realize this idea and finally prepared a European Union project on the subject and presented it to the relevant authorities. ”

80 percent from the European Union

Stating that the total budget of the project is 3,8 million Euros and this budget will be covered by the EU and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Saraç said, “The Competitive Sectors Program of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey has a technical name Competitiveness and Innovation Operational Program (RYOP). Turkey has created new period covering the entire budget of about 2014 million euros. In this context, a call for proposals was launched in April 2020. Anadolu Technology Research Park A.Ş. We have prepared "Eskisehir Design and Innovation Center" project of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Ministry and approved by the official EU Delegation to Turkey on October 405, 2017. Project; It is divided into two components as procurement and technical support, and our total approved project budget is 2 Euros. 2018 percent of this amount is covered by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology and 3.894.880 percent by the European Union. ”

Will start operating in 2020

Stating that this important work that will add value to Eskişehir has come to an end, Saraç continued as follows: “Eskişehir Design and Innovation Center is being held in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone campus of Eskişehir Technology Development Region. ETİM building Eskişehir Technology Development Zone Manager Company ATAP A.Ş. It was completed in 2019, and the total area of ​​the building is 1100 square meters and 2 million 100 thousand TL was spent for the building. Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone contributed significantly to the provision of all kinds of infrastructure by meeting all expenses. The Eskişehir Design and Innovation Center project will actually start working with the kick-off meeting with the company that won the technical support component tender on August 6, 2020. The operational part of ETİM has two components: technical support and supply. Among the machinery and equipment to be purchased within the scope of supply; There are 3D metal printer, 3D plastic printer, heat treatment furnace, wire erosion machine, CNC machines, grinding machine, 3D optical scanner, generator, computers and special software. The supply of machinery and other technical equipment to be located in the center will be completed in 2020. Our center will make important contributions to the industry of Eskişehir, and will significantly contribute to the development of the design capabilities of our companies. ”



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