TÜMOSAN plans to manufacture and sell high-speed train and train equipment

Tümosan plans to manufacture and sell high-speed train and train equipment: Tractor and diesel engine manufacturer Tümosan; for the production, sale and maintenance of trains, high-speed trains and railroad equipment.
The company, which operates on the power group of the Altay tank, which produces tractors and engines and also developed domestically, was included in the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP). The shares of the company traded on Borsa Istanbul made a statement with this statement. The company's share value increased by 11.6 percent.
Altay will produce gearbox and motor for tank
Tümosan won the tender for the development of Altay Tank Power Group (engine and transmission) last year. Defense Industry Executive Committee, 6 August 2014 on the date of completion of the evaluation of the offer with the Altay Tank Power Development Project TUMOSAN announced that the decision to start negotiations with the contract. For the project, the diesel engine manufacturer had committed to realize the project in the shortest time with the most reasonable price and the most domestic contribution.



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