3. 450 tonne bridge to the bridge

  1. 450 tons of deck to the bridge: The 450 tons of deck that was brought to Garipçe by the barge named Neta from Yalova was left ashore with a floating crane named GSP Neptun.
    During the process involving tens of engineers and workers, the operation started after the wind measurement was made. Work is ongoing at the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the construction of which started on May 29, 2013 by IC İçtaş- Astaldi JV with a build-operate transfer model. A total of 700 personnel, 6 of whom are engineers, are involved in the project, along with the Northern Marmara Highway section. In the project, where the reinforced concrete part of the bridge legs is completed, deck mounting will be done in the new year. Preparations for the pulling of the bridge ropes have also been completed.
    The first of the steel decks on which the vehicles will pass on the bridge was put on the European side on 26 December 2014 with a ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan. There is an operation involving tens of engineers and workers behind the introduction of the first deck. The first 450-meter deck, weighing 4.5 tons, manufactured in Altınova, was brought to Garipçe offshore with a barge. The deck with the highest capacity floating crane in the Black Sea waiting here via steel ropes was connected to the deck. The floating crane lifting the deck weighing 450 tons left the deck on the land section of the Garipçe Worksite.
    A crawler crane with a capacity of one thousand 250 tons installed on the construction site carried the deck to the tower feet. Then the deck was placed in place on the bridge. Wind measurements were also made without the crane. The first floor of the 4.5 meter on the Asian side was again brought to the construction site by sea. In the coming days, depending on the weather conditions, this deck will be installed. The next step will start the installation of 870 meters, each of which is 24. Within the scope of the project, 59 will be placed on the board. Cranes used in the project will change as the tables are placed. In the later stages of the project, special cranes will be installed on the deck as well as on the main cable. This will place the cranes in place on the bridge taking the decks by sea.
    The bridge, which is planned to be opened on October 29, 2015, is the largest suspension bridge in the world with a width of 59 meters. 10 lanes of the bridge, which will be 8 lanes, are reserved for the highway and 2 lanes for the rail system. The total length with its margins is 2 thousand 164 meters. A total of 121 thousand kilometers of cables will be used in the project. This figure means that the cables are long enough to travel the world 3 times. Along with the third bridge, the 95-kilometer highway work continues. Approximately 70 percent of the excavations are currently completed. 41 million cubic meters of the 22 million cubic meters of filling planned to be completed in the project has been completed. The project includes 35 viaducts, 106 underpasses and 2 tunnels.

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