ICCI 2014 - Akkuyu power plant construction to begin in 2016

ICC 2014 - construction of the Akkuyu plant will begin in 2016: ICC 2014 - 20th International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference in the last days "Recent Situation in Nuclear Energy and Turkey" held a session titled.
20 organized by Sectoral Fair Organization in Istanbul. International Energy and Environment Fair on the last day "Recent Situation in Nuclear Energy and Turkey" held a session titled. Eyyüp Lütfi Sarıcı (Akkuyu NGS Büyükeceli Information Center), Necati Yamaç (Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources), Dr. Beril Tuğrul (ITU Nuclear Division), Anatoly Andriyanov (ASE JSC Branc) participated as speakers.
Nuclear construction will start at 2016
In her speech, Eyyüp Lütfi Sarıcı from Akkuyu NGS Büyükeceli Information Center stated that the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will produce a total of 200 thousand 4 MW with a thousand 4 MW units and a power generation of 800 billion Kw / hour annually. told me it was planned. Indicating that the EIA report is expected to be released in May, Sarici pointed out that they are working hard for staff training, and that the right people should be at the right time at the right time. 35 thousand 2016 students applied, 198 will be selected this year. 4 of the project will be done by domestic companies. A minimum investment of 800 billion dollars will be covered by domestic companies. About 100 will be created to employ a thousand people. Central transportation, education, medicine will be provided in the field.
The first unit will work in 2019
Energy and Natural Resources Ministry of Necati Slope is that funding to 60 billion dollars abroad annually for Turkey's energy, Akkuyu and Sinop plants commissioned entered had been 7.2 billion dollars underlining the would have stayed in Turkey, "xnumx's so we do not need electricity Besides the we would have met. The first unit in Akkuyu will be commissioned in 32. Ak
Power plant 8 intensity earthquake resistant
Anatoly Andriyanov from ASE JSC Branc, who undertook the contracting work of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, said that the construction of the plant was not started and that the EIA Report is expected to be positive in May or June. The operation life of the Akkuyu Power Plant will indicate that 60 will serve for each unit in 450 year and four units will be installed and 8 will be resistant to earthquake resistance. Anatoly Andriyanov noted that the construction process was the 48 month for the first unit. The main construction will start in 2016. 9 thousand people work in construction. In 2018, we are planning to reach an important stage of construction of the first unit X.


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