Passenger train crashed into car

Passenger train hit the car: The accident occurred at around 21.30 at Uşak-Ulubey Highway Huzurkent Location. The car with 43 AK 923 plate, used by Cemil Atalay, who was trying to pass through the closed barriers of the level crossing, was hit by the passenger train numbered 31621 under the direction of Salih Kavak coming from Izmir and coming to Uşak. Driver Cemil Atalay (300) and his grandson Cemil Atalay (55) were stuck dead in the car that drifted about 14 meters.
The corpses in the car were removed as a result of the work carried out by the Uşak Fire Department and Uşak AFAD teams. The corpses of the grandfather and grandson were taken to the morgue of the Uşak State Hospital after the examination by the Public Prosecutor. Machinist Salih Kavak was detained by the police to take a statement. An investigation into the accident has been initiated.


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