Yenimahalle hizmet Şentepe cable car line will provide free service

Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line will provide free services: the first ski lift of other transportation in Turkey, Yenimahalle-Şentepe line, will go into operation today at a ceremony in 13.00. Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Gokcek, in one direction 2 thousand 400 passengers will carry the ropeway from the Yeniker Metro Station and Şentepe Antenna Area Yenikalle Metro, free services of the cable cars will benefit from Ankara reported.

Turkey's public transport purpose built between Yenimahalle Metro stop with Antenna District of the first ski lift was completed and is waiting to enter service tomorrow. At the 3 station on the first stage, the cabs were fitted with ropes and the test drive was completed.


Yenimahalle yap Şentepe cable car line is composed of 2 stage and the opening of the first stage will be held with a ceremony. The second stage of a single station is planned to be completed in the summer season.

Mayor Melih Gökçek gave the following information about the works:

. We've finally finished our work on the 6 month and we've started the test drive. We have achieved a successful result in our study. Tomorrow we will open our first lift for public transportation. Şentepeli to deliver faster town center project has already started and the new lines will continue to be an example in Turkey. Metropolitan Municipality has been a pioneer in this subject by pioneering again. For example, many projects are being prepared in Istanbul, which will be used for public transport. Our ropeway project really makes us all proud. T


The first station is Yenimahalle metro station, which will be transported from the air to the center of Şentepe with the cable car.

The most noteworthy part of the Şentepe cable car is the free service. Anyone who wishes from Yenimahalle Metro Station to the Antennas Zone will benefit from this service free of charge.

Another feature of the lift is that it works synchronously with the metro and helps to relieve traffic. The cabins, which will travel about 7 meters, will not overload traffic. The 4 cabin will move at the same time during the 106 stop and the 2 400 3 257 15 XNUMX XNUMX will carry one cable in one direction per hour. Each cabin XNUMX will enter a station per second.

25-30 travel time by bus or special vehicles will take you to 13,5 minutes by ropeway. 11 minutes of metro time is added to the 55 in the minute to find the journey between Kızılay and Şentepe approximately 25 will be completed in minutes.

The cabins are equipped with camera systems and mini screens. In addition, the seating areas were also underfloor heating.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:27

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