Cable car from Uludağ to the city center is my registered project

Uludagdan city center ropeway is my registered project: This is exactly what the CHP Metropolitan candidate Necati Sahin says.

He even made it permanent by writing on the election page.

"My registered project," he also refers to the Mayor Recep Altepe.

Edi The current president has finally adopted this project. Thank God Ş

So what did Altepe say a while ago?

Un There will be a cable car station on the top floor of BursaRay Gökdere Station. Sculpture - There will be a stop at Setbaşı. At the pedestrian distance, all citizens will be able to reach the ropeway. The citizens coming from Görükle, Kestel and Mudanya will now be able to reach Uludağ easily. This project will be a major reform in transportation. In this way, traffic in the city center will be relieved Bu

Necati Sahin adds that the ropeway project is not limited to a single line.

7 is doing more.

Biri We have projected a full 7 ropeway line, one for Gemlik, one for İnegöl, one for Gürsu, two for the city center, the other two for Alaçam and Dağyenice. We intend to run four of them by 2016, all at 2018. X


While sharing these two points of view for the ropeway, the CHP considers the skyTrain in transportation, which is a revolution. Another one is Mudanya metro connection.

Hawk says about it.

Orum Bursa grows problematic with a single axis of east-west, the solution is the spiral lines covering the north and south. Tek I have repeated this sentence for years. We have studied that SkyTrain is the most suitable public transportation solution with the engineer friends in various branches. new spiral lines we prepare, we'll wrap the DNA helix spiral form of public transportation, such as Bursa and Turkey will be the leader in this regard. Project ready, financing ready Proje

For Mudanya, there are targets to connect the metro line with the drilling tunnel.

From the 1890 to 1950, the railway line connecting Bursa and Mudanya is planned to be rebuilt in accordance with its original technology.

The goal of the city center to merge the mountain-sea.

Both the ski lifts, the skyTrain, the Mudanya metro line, the main opposition to this period, the front of the people of the serious projects put.

Both the source and the project as well as Sahin said, if you are ready to convince the city.

What do you say Bursa descends to the SkyTrain from the rail system?

If the hawk can put it, then it may have made a revolution.


A serious move of the CHP Metropolitan candidate Necati Şahin outside the transportation is TOKI residences in Fomara. If elected, he plans to raise the issue at the United Nations.

Very interesting.

It is easy to say zor I will destroy these buildings ”and it is very difficult to destroy these buildings. The cost of demolishing those buildings is enormous. Where will we get this money? Bu

Then he explains his method.

I To do this without anyone getting hurt, this environmental disaster has to come to the Habitat agenda in the United Nations. The terrible mistake is destroying the world cultural heritage. I promise you that. If necessary, I will set up camp in the United Nations and we will find the way to solve this shame without harming anyone, by means of world finance. Gerek

I have a footnote about Necati Şahin dipnot

We were seeing more often when we were President of IMO.

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