Snowman Final Said

Snowman said Final: Snowdrop TV's phenomenon, the program 'Snowman' program 2014 final of the year of his final program made with a celebration of the audience received full marks. the ski season together with the final said.

Prepared and presented by Salih Yalçın, ilgi Snowman ilgi attracts great interest from expats both in Erzurum and throughout the country, adding color to its different programs. During the Ramadan months, the program Tension in winter and 'Snowman' program in the winter tourism program introducing the world over the top end of the show upset the audience was upset. for the promotion of Palandöken, which is a first in Turkey 'Snowman in Man of next year, said the start will be new surprises Program server and producer Salih Yalcin, he told me they do in the promotion of the village with heavy demand from expatriates. Yalçın explained that they blended the culture of Erzurum with their jokes and said, Erzurum We are happy to do the finale together with our challenging but multicolored shooting. We are thinking about new works in the following seasons. Very soon we will be back with great surprises in the screens, "he said.

Yalçın, the sympathetic server who pointed out that the first snowman program that they started in 2005 was very pleased with everyone, said: In 2005, we started the program on another TV focused on Erzurum. After a brief break of the program, 2005, 2008 and 2009 continued to be broadcast on demand. Our program is 2010. I think it contributed to the promotion of the city that hosted the World Interuniversity Winter Games. Dünya

Yalçın, Snowman's Erzurum dance entertainment and magazine content, said that a structure.

Yalçın, magaz Our program is a pleasant magazine program. We are receiving positive reviews from Dadaşlar who lives in Europe with our 6 team. As a result of longing for the Sıla-i uterus, the Native Dadas are always expressing their appreciation from the interactive environment. The action is abundant, colorful images, as well as many humorous interviews with the snowman, the audience is smothering laughter. In the program, we also contribute to the album promotions by including local artists from Erzurum. We are extremely happy with the interest shown to us Bize.