Gaziantep residents are now at Erikçe Ski Center for skiing

Gaziantepliler is Now in Erikçe Ski Center for Skiing: Erikçe Ski Center, built by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, started to serve the citizens the day before. Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Asım Güzel stated that they have made investments that will encourage the public to sports, "The Gaziantep people will no longer go to Uludağ or Erciyes for skiing," he said.

Güzelbey, who stated that Erikçe Ski Center, built by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in Erikçe Forest, will be a new sports and entertainment center for Gaziantep people, said: “Gaziantep meets with a new excitement; We know very well that countries no longer compete, cities compete. Cities that make a difference between these competing cities are one step ahead. Gaziantep was one of the cities that made this difference. ”

Gazianteps, as well as social life, as well as historical and cultural areas have also added to Güzelbey, alan We have always dreamed of a dream. We said that we have to emphasize both aspects of Gaziantep; historical cultural aspect and modern urbanism aspect. In terms of historical and cultural identity, Gaziantep has reached a point where no one can imagine. 2 500 10 15 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX kilometers of culture path and many others. In terms of modern urbanism, we are not at all behind our peers, but we are ahead of many of them. Today bridges, intersections, trams, and I hope the metro takes place. But on the other hand, a botanical park, a planetarium, a science center, a Disney-like park, they all came to Gaziantep and the people were very pleased. Ama


During his tenure in office, he said that the 3 will surprise the guests with a big surprise and that they will perform two of them on weekdays.

Güzelbey, biri One of them is a ski slope. Now, as you know in our country, it does not snow too much. Even in the snow centers there is no snow. But we are making a new excitement for Gaziantep. We gave Gaziantep a new facility to remind the old days. I say the old days, when we went to our childhood, it snowed a lot. Some slipped with the pots that we called the head of my head. Some of them slipped on wooden school bags. In the following years the plastics came out, people began to slide in them. But Gaziantepli has always had the pleasure of slipping. Today, we have integrated this into a modern facility bütün.

Stating that he saw the same plant in Germany, Mayor Güzelbey said, vurgu I saw this in Germany years ago. Of course, there has been a change in the plant since then, a great effort of modernization. 214 hectares of an area of ​​forest management allocated to our municipality, we said, let's do a ski slope, and as a venue, we prefer a more stony area without trees. This is a ski resort of 4. One of the runways is near the 300 meter for the professionals, the other is around the 200 meter, the other is for the sled, and the other is for those who want to learn skiing. We have the equipment and facility where the total 300 person can do the same mirror skiing. Today, the people of Gaziantep met a new ski resort. Many people in the neighborhood and Gazianteps were going to Erciyes on weekends. They don't have to go anymore. I can say now that people in Erciyes come here to ski es no wonder bilir gave information.


📩 24/11/2018 13:27

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