Iznik Motocross Player Becomes Second in Long Motosnow Races

İznikli motocrosser second place in Long Motosnow Race: Turkey Motorcycle Federation (TMF) by Motosnow Races in the MX1 group on snow at ski Davraz İznikli motocrosser Ersoy was a long second.

Isparta Davraz Ski Center TMF, Isparta Governor's Office, Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports Isparta Motorcycle Sports Club (NISMO) organized by the Presidency Motosnow Racing, Turkey was held for the first time.

Uzun, who came second in the MX1 group in the races, told reporters that he won the second trophy. kazanHe said he was happy that he did.

Stating that he received trophies from all races during the season, Uzun stated that he was second in the E1A category at the end of the season at the champions night organized by TMF. Uzun said, “The name of the athlete is written in the trophies given to the winners in the overall total at the end of the season. So it can only be taken once a year. I would like to thank my brothers and sponsors who enabled me to sustain this sport. ”

Uzun received the final cup of the season from Sadık Özdemir, the President of the Fethiye Orman Spor Kulübü, and stated that his friends wore the nickname "Snow leopard".

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