Haramain project will be operational in 2016

📩 25/11/2018 19:13

The Haramain project will be operational in 2016: Saudi Railroad Organization (SRO) chairman Mohammad Al-Suwaiket said that the project (Al-Haramain Train Project) connecting Makkah to Medina would be ready by 2016 but then ecek so far, only% 50 of the project Har He has completed the addition.
Al Suwaiket added that the 9900 billion will invest as much as the Saudi Rial to further expand the 365 km rail network throughout the kingdom, and the 19 line will be built according to the Rail Master Plan (RMP).
The government plans the strategic plan to be planned in the next 30 year, the Al-Haramain Train Project will be tested in 2015. Its strategic plan focuses on sustainable development in the railway network for the transport of passenger and freight cargoes.
This network will be implemented in three stages. The first stage was started in 2010 and is scheduled to be completed in 2025. The line 5500 of approx. 63 will be built to SR of XNUMX billion.
The second stage starts in 2026 and ends in 2033 and at this stage 209 billion SR will be built on the 3000 km line. The third stage will start in 2034 and will be completed in 2040. The cost of this line, which is approximately 1400 km, will be 93 billion SR.
SRO implements the policy of introducing the public and private sector in the development of the transport sector. In the transportation sector of KSA, railway transportation plays an important role. The North-South Railway is considered to be the largest freight transport railway project, and the estimated cost of this line is 2750 billion SR (20 billion $). This project has a strategic importance on the freight transportation line in terms of gulf export. The Landbridge project is another freight transport line with cost of 5,44 billion SR (26,6 billion $). Jeddah, which passes through Riyadh, connects Dammam and Jubail port cities.
With the cost of 51,5 billion SR (14,03 billion $) owned by SRO, the Haramain High Speed ​​Train Project is being built to carry pilgrims.
The Riyadh Light Rail System owned by Arriyadh Development Agency is worth 9,3 billion and is expected to be completed by 2018.
Another planned project is the Jeddah Metro, with a value of 35 billion SR (9,5 billion), and the number of passengers using the railway by 2014 is expected to reach 3,37 million. When it comes to freight transportation, 2014 is expected to transport about one million tons of materials and goods in 15.

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