First Summer Tire Test Winner of the Year ContiSportContact 5

ContiSportContact 5: First summer tire test winner of the year Continental won first place in the first summer tire test of the year together with the German automobile magazine ACE Lenkrad, the Austrian Automobile Club ARBÖ and the German expert inspection agency GTÜ.
ContiSportContact 5 also won the first place in the tests conducted by world-famous automotive magazines Auto Bild and Auto Zeitung.
The Conti 5 family, brought together by the world's largest international original equipment and tire supplier Continental, with safety and driving pleasure, won the first place in the tests carried out by the world's leading test institutions. kazanyeast continues. Continental summer tire ContiSportContact 5; In the test carried out jointly by the German magazine ACE Lenkrad, the Austrian Automobile Club ARBÖ and the German expert inspection organization GTÜ, it came first in the categories of best braking performance and handling performance on wet and dry roads.
The environmental conditions were changed, especially the ground conditions, on the VW Golf GTI and Seat Leon FR, and the 225 45 / 17 R 12 was made with a different tire brand. The Conti 5 family leaves behind the 11 model; The elde Barum Bravuris 3 maliyet tires, which stand out with the economic price produced by Continental, are also classified as öne recommended uris by achieving the best value in the environmental feature and cost efficiency test.
Auto Zeitung: ContiSportContact N exemplifies 5 Auto
ContiSportContact 5, the world-renowned automobile magazine Auto Zeitung's lanma exemplary düşük assessment of summer tires test last month, praised the short braking distance, high safety margin, superior acceleration performance and low rolling resistance of the ContiSportContact XNUMX.
The 12 tire model was tested in the BMW 3.20i Efficient Dynamics Edition model, respectively. Wet and dry surface braking performances were tested when the vehicle was driving at 1.400 km / h.
Auto Bild's Choice Continental
Testing 225 tire models in the size 50/17 R 50, the German automobile magazine Auto Bild also commented on the ContiSportContact 5 that it "sets an example". In the brake performance section of the test, 15 models qualify for the next stage. kazanIn the Auto Bild summer tire test, for which it was presented, the ContiSportContact 5 stood out with its high-level driving performance on wet and dry surfaces, short braking distance and low rolling resistance.


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