The next five years of Istanbul with Kadir Topbaş

The next five years of Istanbul with Kadir Topbaş: Nobody who is objective about Kadir Topbaş's 10-year presidency can say unsuccessful. Istanbul is a more livable and more modern city compared to 10 years ago. Of course, in an extremely dynamic city like Istanbul, the shortcomings do not end, but now there is a much more advanced Istanbul in the fields of finance, culture, sports, congress and tourism. The numbers show this progress very clearly. When Topbaş's newly announced projects are finished, it will be a much more modern and rich Istanbul in 2019. Here's what to do and do:
10 billion investments in 68.5 years; 2004 km of rail system in 45.1, 2014 km in 141.4; Marmaray and Istanbul Metro; In the rail system, the 2019 target is 430 km.; The target after 2019 is 776 km.; Cable car project to the Bosphorus. 286 junctions and roads were built; 3 tunnels opened; 50 km. Metrobus line was built; Smart bus project suitable for disabled access in Istanbul; The share of seaway in transportation has doubled, the target is 10 percent. The target is 820 parking lots with a capacity of 9.124 thousand vehicles; technoparks were built; 2 mobile bus terminals were put into service. With clean sea water from the Bosphorus to the Golden Horn, life began in the Golden Horn; The amount of green space increased by 65 percent, 20 million square meters of new green space kazanwas built and 428 new parks were built; A giant city park of 1 million square meters is being built. Tulip was returned to its homeland. 15 thousand tons of garbage collected daily is evaluated in recycling facilities, and electricity and fertilizer are obtained from the garbage. It is now possible to enter the sea from the shores of Istanbul. Istanbul does not have a drinking water problem. A three-stage Urban Transformation strategy was developed with an earthquake focus, a strategic focus, and a historical focus. Great strides have been made in social municipality, health, education and sports.

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