Now I'm Skiing in Bitliste Project

Bitliste Now I'm Skiing Project: Bitlis Special Provincial Administration and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, funded by the e Now I'm Skiing esi project, Bitlis Youth Sports Club was implemented by the Association.

The project, which was realized within the scope of Social Support Program (SODES), was presented at Onur Güler Facility with Deputy Governor of Bitlis, Alp Eren Yılmaz and Youth Sports Club President Refik Avşar. Speaking here, Alp Eren Yilmaz, within the scope of the SODES project 120 student skis, clothes and trainings are assumed by the governorship, he said. Deputy Governor Yılmaz said, Yılmaz Today, we are here to promote the SODES project supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Special Provincial Administration. As part of the continuation of the SODES projects we initiated last year, we are sharing the training activities of 50 students in our club, and 70 students in our other club. As previously declared by our governor, the ski equipment, clothes and trainings of our 120 students are covered by our governorship under the SODES project. With the support of our provincial council this year, we have developed a project for our 120 athlete to try to introduce the children of our families of victims who need financial help by meeting their skis, clothes and trainings. We have introduced this opportunity to our 400 children. Our trainings continue. This year we had new children. They learned this job. I hope that the Olympics will be held in the coming years, here I hope athletes will grow. We will continue to work in this direction. Turkey's Bitlis in the eyes of both our country and I believe that will represent the eyes of the world, "he said.

Stating that Turkey's success in various competitions were held in various provinces Yilmaz, "2 game held last week in the alpine disciplines in the EAP. resistance 3. We are. I would like to congratulate our athlete, the European Athletics Championships in Portugal. He introduced our Bitlis in our country and in Europe. I wish these achievements to continue and I want the championship to come first. Bu

Director of Bitlis Youth Sports Club and Director of Onur Güler Ski Center Refik Avşar said, cu Now I'm skiing in the scope of skiing, I have been working with 30 athletes and 45 athletes and 75 trainer this year. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project, which is the basic training of 3 hours this year, as governor. Bu


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