TCDD to be discussed much practice

The application that will be discussed much in TCDD: After the corruption operation in TCDD port enterprises, the entry-exit ban brought to the office where the tenders were made in the General Directorate caused a discussion.
The Board of Directors of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS), organized in railways, claimed that TCDD General Manager banned the corridor used by the personnel to its own personnel. The statement made by the BTS Board of Directors said:
“TCDD General Directorate found the solution in the face of the allegations by banning the entry and exit of the Material Department where the agency tenders were made and followed. The corridor, which is used jointly with other units by the Material Department on the ground floor of the Headquarters building, was closed to the passages upon the verbal instruction of the General Directorate of TCDD. Moreover, the TCDD management, which thinks that by banning the corridor used by the personnel to its own personnel, the bribery and corruption allegations can be concealed and concealed, the TCDD management should abandon these prohibitive approaches as soon as possible and withdraw this decision, which is not common in the world, such as the decision to ban a part of the working place to its personnel.
Rail transportation, which is the most important transportation of our age, which is accepted all over the world today, unfortunately is moving away with each passing day rather than reaching the place it deserves because of political choices and improper practices. Our institution is to enter the agenda of public opinion with regard to services related to country transportation, while the corruption and bribery claims are the biggest damage to the annual 158. Our company's 158 should not damage this trust that occurs during the year. The TCDD should respond promptly to the allegations against it, rather than to the ban, with transparency and openness, to respond immediately to the irregularities subject to the reports of the Court of Accounts and to seek to remedy the irregularities and to make the necessary efforts to bring them to justice if there is irregularities.


Günceleme: 29/11/2018 18:14

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