Integration Works on İzban's Torbalı Line Begins

Integration of Izban's Torbali Line Starts: The integration of the signaling system of İZBAN's 31-kilometer Torbali line into the existing structure will be launched by TCDD on 16 March 20105.

İZBAN's Cumaovası Station will be temporarily out of service due to TCDD's work between 16 March and 15 April. For the transfer between Cumaovası and Sarnıç, ESHOT will temporarily start its buses numbered 711.

15 Every Friday during the integration period that will last until April 2015, Cumaovasi Station, which is the most extreme station in the southern direction of İZBAN, will not be able to serve temporarily. Between these dates, the departure and arrival station of İZBAN trains will be Adnan Menderes Airport Station. The transfer of the passengers to the rail system will be provided by ESHOT buses. For this purpose, ESHOT will temporarily launch the 711 bus to transfer between Cumaovası and Sarnic.


Thanks to the Torbalı line, which will be put into service soon and the citizens in Tire, Ödemiş, Bayındır, Selçuk and Torbalı regions will facilitate the arrival of İzmir city centers, the total length of İZBAN will be 111. Izmir Metro, along with the 20 kilometer line, will increase the length of the rail system in Izmir to 131 kilometers. Thus, İzmir will have the biggest metro standard urban rail transportation system in our country.


IZBAN's route will be Selcuk from the 26 kilometer just after Torbalı. TCDD will complete İZBAN's signaling, electrification, kataner and contracted walls of the line that will carry İZMAN to 157 kilometers, while İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will construct communication and information systems and stations and highway overpasses.



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