Kemal Demirel Investigated 16 Annual Dream

Kemal Demirel Examines His 16-Year Dream On-Site: The 16-year dream of ex-deputy Kemal Demirel, who has traveled for kilometers to Bursa to travel to high-speed trains, comes true. Demirel examined the high speed train works on site.
For the train to arrive in Bursa, 16 provinces and 39 districts in 8 years, walking 250 kilo meters of roads, gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures, 22nd and 23rd period Bursa deputy Kemal Demirel examined the ongoing high speed train project. Visiting the excavated tunnels, Demirel received information from the authorities. Emphasizing that the foundation of the high speed train was laid about a year ago, Demirel said, “It was informed that the high speed train will end in 2015. I struggled for a train to arrive in Bursa for 16 years. I tried to explain this situation with exhibitions. We want Bursa to have a modern transportation vehicle with both freight and passenger trains. ”
Demirel, who said that he had a promise on this journey, said, “I will continue this struggle until Bursa people get on the train”. I saw that the high-speed train activities are continuing rapidly within the framework of the information I have received from the authorities. ”

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