Denizli Kaklik Logistics Center Opens

Kaklik Logistics Center Opens: DENİZLİ - Kaklik Mayor Mehmet Gülbaş said that they are looking forward to the opening of Kaklık Logistics Center. In a statement he made to the AA correspondent, Gülbaş reminded that Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir gave the good news that the Kaklik Logistics Center will be completed at the end of November and will be offered to the industrialists of Denizli at the meeting with TCDD officials. Turkey started its construction in general and currently ongoing stated that Gülbaş 7 logistics center, said: "Making the fastest time of the logistics center Kaklik. This will be the place where all goods in the area are received or shipped. In other words, customs clearance of all goods will be done here. The majority of travertine reserves in Turkey are located here. It is clear that this will be an important place for the transportation of marble and travertine. At the same time, all products produced in Denizli will be transported easily. With the opening of the Kaklik Logistics Center, commercial life will develop in Kaklik. We look forward to opening the Logistics Center as soon as possible.


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