Action against the privatization of the railway from BTS

Action from BTS against the privatization of the railway: BTS made a press statement in front of the General Directorate of TCDD at the European Railway Workers Action Day.
The European Railroad Workers' Federation (ETF), the European Rail Workers Action Day, was designated 9 in October. In Turkey, the United Transport Workers' Union (BTS) members held a press statement in front of TCDD. In the press release, it was stated that the separation and privatization of the railway passenger and freight transport was a share transfer to the shareholders. BTS said privatization of rail transport would lead to:
Transportation services will be unqualified.
Train traffic safety will be undermined.
The public interest in transportation will be switched to profit-based operation.
The number of employees will decrease.
Agent and subcontractor companies will increase.
The rate of uncertain and insecure work will increase.
The number of contracted employees will increase.
Workload and pressure will increase.
Flexible working hours and overtime will increase.
After highlighting the impact of privatizations on rail transport, the European Transport Workers' Federation listed its demands for privatization as components:
The proposal for the privatization of European Railway passenger transport services should be rejected.
Further fragmentation of the railway should be avoided by separately evaluating infrastructure and navigation.
Public transport services should be organized in the best way by taking into consideration the special needs of citizens and countries.
Since the requirements of railway workers are a prerequisite for safety, security, well-functioning and qualified railway service, their rights and conditions must always be protected.
Privatization and fragmentation policies should be abandoned.
It should be remembered that railway services are a public service.

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