European countries 3. Is he trying to block the airport project?

European countries are trying to prevent the 3rd Airport Project: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, regarding the allegations that some European countries are trying to prevent the 3rd Airport Project to be built in Istanbul, said, “If we experience such developments regarding this project, it would not be a surprise for us. but we are taking the precautions of all of them ”.
Upon asking AA Chairman and General Manager Kemal Öztürk about the allegations that some European countries are trying to block the 3rd Airport project underhand, Yıldırım said that everything changed in the world after the 2008-2009 crisis.
The center of aviation at the beginning of the 1970s that the United States in the 1980s shifted to northern Europe also voicing Lightning, "came to the region where Turkey currently resides. So there is a west to east shift. There is nothing to be surprised about. Because after the global crisis, there is a change in wealth. Centers of wealth move from west to east, towards the Far East. During this movement was the most important stops in Turkey, "he said.
This situation is an indicator of the 2013 first six months of the US aviation industry of the 6 percent decline, Stating that came to a standstill with a 1 percent increase in Europe, around all the turmoil, despite at around 0,5 percent increase in Turkey that expressed. Lightning, "This shows that Turkey becomes a full transfer center between east and west," he said.
"Prevention efforts would not be a surprise, we take precautions"
Explaining that Germany was the transfer center until this time, Yıldırım said that they made great efforts to get the 3rd Airport tender, but in the end, a consortium from Turkey won the tender. kazanhe recorded.
“Germany may have such a thought, but this thought is not enough to prevent the 3rd airport,” Yıldırım said:
“There may be suggestions to financiers such as 'Delay their financing, do not give them' in various ways. I don't think the German government will directly intervene and exit this business. It does not comply with diplomacy and harms relations between countries. We have experienced this (in the past). Foreign financing circles did not provide financing for a long time, using environmental problems and historical values ​​as an excuse. Then we had to do this with domestic financing. You will remember the Hasankeyf incident… Therefore, it would not be a surprise for us if we experience such developments regarding this project, but we take precautions for all of them. "
Pointing out that Germany is not a loss in this project, Yıldırım stated that Turkish Airlines (THY) and Lufthansa can further develop their cooperation against organizations such as Qatar Airways, which stand by state support rather than compete with each other.
Turkey revealed that the last 10 years success story "I got this job I said," Yildirim also emphasized that, ideally located in an area that is expressed in a favorable region for Turkey's passenger transfer.
Turkey is divided into 3 regions of the world in the time frame that underlines the Lightning found the exact midpoint, geographical conditions, establishing the rule of Turkey said that the advantage of concepts like time.
"Airline companies will limit the ticket prices themselves"
Reminding of the work carried out regarding the transition to the ceiling price application, which is on the agenda of the airline companies in domestic flights, Yıldırım stated that all tickets were recorded for this year and said, "It is seen that the perception in the public does not quite match the reality.
Explaining that the number of expensive travelers among 65 million passengers is 3 percent, other passengers fly at reasonable prices, Yıldırım said that more than 40 percent fly between 50-100 lira.
Emphasizing that they will not be able to give their consent to the transformation of the business into opportunism despite all this, Yıldırım said, “Although it is our duty to protect the rights and laws of the citizens, we liberalized the sector. Therefore, there were objections from the investors such as "Minister, you are setting limits, but we have invested in this company." We did not foresee this. The common point reached for him is this. By making an agreement with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, the airline companies will voluntarily set a limit on the ticket prices themselves, at the end of the holiday, it can be one day or two days before a certain period of time. "Instead of obliging them, they will build their systems in mutual consensus." Yıldırım added that the ceiling price application has become made with the consent of the companies.

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