Arinc: Marmaray Republic crowned

Arınç: The Republic of Marmaray crowned: Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç answered the questions of journalists after the “Turkish History Association Honorary Membership Ceremony” organized by the Turkish Historical Society at Çırağan Palace.
opened yesterday a journalist and "project of the century" is described as Arinc to ask what the evaluation of the Marmaray, all of Turkey and the world, opening the republic's 90th year of entry into service Marmaray corresponding to turning a little stunned, jealousy, and very successfully accepted He said he was watching.
Arinc, on behalf of Turkey, the Republic's great kazanExpressing that it is a development that can be considered as one of the projects, he continued as follows:
“It is not only the time since its foundation was laid, but in fact the Marmaray project is the construction of a tunnel that has been working on Abdulmecit and Abdulhamit for over 100 years, connecting the two sides of the Bosphorus under the Bosphorus. Therefore, it is correct to consider the statement of our friend as a 100-year project, but it is our government that has accomplished this. Of course, this magnificent work has been created with the contributions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of Transport and government.
“The project that connects two continents in four minutes”
Arınç stated that they were the guests of Marmaray, who brought the two continents in four minutes to each other with the participation of the president, prime minister and ministers and thousands of Istanbul residents for the opening yesterday.
“We were also in this journey. On the one hand, we got on Üsküdar and on the other hand, we left Yenikapı. A very successful project. I want to congratulate everyone who contributed here. We can really count it as one of the monuments crowning the Republic. Now Turkey with Marmarayl highway bridge over the Bosphorus under the great work succeeds. Not only in transportation, what you can do with Turkey's current economic strength is also revealed. This is what I have seen so far. It was greeted with great greetings and appreciation. It has no direction to criticize. In fact, he should focus on his speech yesterday on Turkey and Turkey's foreign guests from the outside looks really should follow pride. Turkey us get better. We hope that this project, which will unite us from Beijing to London, will be beneficial to all humanity.

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