The firsts were experienced Kadıköy-People are satisfied with the Eagle Metro

The firsts were experienced Kadıköy- People are satisfied with the Eagle Metro: M17, which was opened on August 2012, 4 as the biggest metro investment in the history of the Republic. Kadıköy-The 1st year of Kartal Metro has expired.

According to the survey conducted with the participation of passengers traveling on the M4 line, the line, which has achieved over 85 percent satisfaction rate in many criteria, received full points from its passengers. M4 originally planned as Harem-Tuzla light rail system (LRT) but later integrated with Marmaray project and designed as a metro line Kadıköy- The groundbreaking ceremony of the Eagle subway was held on January 29, 2005, and the opening ceremony on August 17, 2012. The M5 metro, which Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has built and commissioned to ease traffic density and urban transportation on the Anatolian Side E-4 highway axis, serves an average of 17 thousand passengers a day as of August 110, when it is one year old. Turkey's many other "first" and "the" first subway of in the signature of the Anatolian side of the M4 line, but also Turkey's many other "first" and "most" threw in the signature. M16 line consists of 4 stations, it carries the distinction of being Turkey's longest metro line with the existing 21.7 km long. When the ongoing Kartal-Kaynarca extension is completed, the M26.5 line, which will reach 4 km, will preserve this title by far. Again with the capacity of 70 thousand passengers per hour per direction Kadıköy-Kartal Metro is currently the highest-capacity transportation system in Turkey. Another first is Turkey's first driverless metro line in M4, goa2 level of automation and Turkey's first driverless metro is the automatic mode. 144 metro vehicles; The in-vehicle dynamic passenger information system has many state-of-the-art applications such as energy-saving driving mode. The Celtrac CBTC signal system, the latest automation technology in urban rail systems, ensures that trains arrive at the stations at the scheduled time by optimizing the train speed and waiting times at the stations in case of any delay. 1 million passengers in one year The M41 line, which has completed its first year, has carried more than 4 million passengers to date. The line, which has experienced a steady increase in the number of passengers since the day it was put into service, has managed to attract more and more passengers with the optimization studies carried out by İBB and new feed lines entering service.

Day and night service to the people of Istanbul

The subways are a vibrant city that lives 24 hours underground and the M4 Metro Line is one of the best examples of this: Apart from the business that continues between 06.00 and night 00.00, the night-time maintenance and support units are working continuously to provide the best service to the people of Istanbul. In this context, M4 subway provides service to Istanbul day and night in different types of shifts with its 11 managers, 16 engineers, 90 technicians, 16 control center personnel, 60 machinists, 14 support staff, 46 station supervisors, 148 security officers and 87 cleaning personnel. giving.

6 integration with different modes of transport

One feature that makes the M4 line privileged is the integration with 6 different transportation systems including metrobus, bus, ferry, sea bus, nostalgic tram, minibus. Marmaray, which is planned to be opened on 29 October 2013, is integrated with Ayrılıkçeşme Station. the number will increase to 7. It will be possible to travel to Üsküdar, Sirkeci, Yenikapı and Kazlıçeşme in a very short time with Marmaray Ayrılıkçeşme Station, which will be located on the upper floor of M4 Ayrılıkçeşme Station.

Transfer of city lines and sea buses

The first station west of the M4 Line KadıköyIt is one of the busiest stations of the line with transfer passengers coming from City Lines ferries and sea buses. The ferry, sea bus and motor piers, which are within a 25-30 meters walking distance to the station, respond to the needs of passengers working and training on the European side and provide full integration to the M4 line. It carries the density of passengers coming by metrobus KadıköyAnother important mode of transportation provided by the Kartal Metro is the Metrobus: M4, descending at Ünalan Station, 5A from the Metrobus stop at the crossroad of Uzunçayır on the E-34 (Söğütlüçeşme-Cevizlivineyard), 34G (Beylikdüzü-Söğütlüçeşme) and 34Z (Zincirlikuyu-Söğütlüçeşme) Metrobus lines can be traveled to the European side…. Providing connection to Metrobus, which is currently the busiest public transportation line in Istanbul, Ünalan is the busiest transfer station of the line. Journey times will be very short With the completion of Marmaray, which started test drives in the near future, and the Yenikapı-Şişhane and Aksaray-Yenikapı extension lines, the journey times for a passenger who takes the metro from Kartal will be as follows:


Kadıköyto: 32 minutes

To Üsküdar: 35 minutes

To Yenikapı: 47 minutes

To Taksim: 55 minutes

To Bus Station: 66 minutes

To Hacıosman: 79 minutes

To the airport: 79 minutes

To Atatürk Olympic Stadium: 89 minutes

The city's main artery provides access to places on the E-5

One of the most crowded districts of Istanbul KadıköyThe M4 line, which passes through the busiest regions of Istanbul, provides access to a location specializing in different areas such as housing, education, health, finance and entertainment sector located on the city's main artery, the E-5 highway. The Hospital-Courthouse Metro Station, located on the M4, has been operating recently and is carrying passengers to the Anatolian Courthouse.

Carries passengers to university campuses and hospitals

It is possible to access the campuses of many universities on the Anatolian side with 4 stations on the M6 line. The first metro of the Anatolian side; Acıbadem, 7 public and private modern hospitals, KadıköyCarries thousands of patients and their relatives every day through Bostancı and Kartal stations. The last station to the west of the line Kadıköy is one of the main centers of Istanbul in both trade and culture and art activities…

High performance, high satisfaction

The M99.72 Metro Line managed to meet its performance target with an average flight rate of 4 in its first year. The M2013 metro line, which was prepared by Istanbul Transportation and was ranked in the Top 5 in the Cleaning and Comfort Survey carried out on 4 of the lines operated by Istanbul Transportation, got full satisfaction from its passengers in its first year by catching over 85 percent satisfaction rate in many criteria. According to the survey conducted with the participation of a total of 4 passengers traveling on the M1757 line, 12.8 percent of the passengers are graduates of master's degree and above, 54.4% are university, and 27.8% are high school graduates.

Metro habit

It also draws attention with its proactive business approach such as the elevator, escalator, escalators, ticket systems, guide ways for disabled people, public transportation systems such as the M4 line that introduces people living in the Anatolian side of the city, audio information and warning announcements, educational and introductory visual applications.

In Marmaray, the number of passengers will increase

With the planned opening of the Ayrılıkçeşme transfer station on the 29 October 2013, the trip demand on the M4 line is expected to increase in the short term. Thanks to Marmaray, which has a passenger capacity of 75 per passenger per hour, it is estimated that a significant portion of the two continent passengers exceeding 1 million per day will start using rail systems, thus increasing the number of passengers on the M4 line.

Innovative service concept

Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Line also offers many innovative services to its customers with an understanding of continuous improvement. In this context, mother and baby rooms created at the stations for mothers to breastfeed their children and male and female masjids for the citizens to fulfill their religious duties, the main services that come to mind ...

timetables model applied for the first time in Turkey

Due to the geographical location and socio-economic structure of Istanbul, the M4 line successfully carries out a challenging operating schedule that is unmatched in urban rail systems. Due to the fact that there are mainly commercial and business centers on the European side and more residential areas on the Anatolian side, the demand for travel is mostly from Kartal during peak hours in the morning. Kadıköy On the other hand, this demand is in the opposite direction during the busy hours of the evening.

Therefore, due to this large difference in passenger distribution in two directions, M4 has brought an innovative solution. In order to meet the demand, Kartal-Kadıköy time interval 3.5 minutes, Kadıköy- The eagle interval between eagle is 5.5 minutes. During the busy hours of the evening, the flight intervals are the opposite. Thus, this schedule is applied for the first time and a time per passenger model with more regular density distribution in Turkey, as well as conserving energy.

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