Job: TÜDEMSAŞ assistant inspector

TÜDEMSAŞ assistant inspector purchase announcement: 1 Assistant Inspector will be appointed to be appointed to the Board of Inspectors of TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate in Sivas. The entrance examination procedures will be carried out by the General Directorate of TCDD Inspection Board.

A) Examination Date: Written exam 26-27 October 2013 (Saturday-Sunday), 10: 00-15: 40, 26 2013 16 00 16 40 XNUMX XNUMX: XNUMX on the date of the time between the hours will be made.

B) Place of Exam: General Directorate of TCDD Ülkü Mah. Talatpaşa Bulvarı No: 3 Altındağ / Ankara Cafeteria Hall.

C) Attendance Requirements:

1) To have the qualifications stated in the article 48 of the Civil Servants Law.

2) The date of the exam (26 October 2013) is not to have completed the age of 35 (For those who did their military service, this limit is added to the two years).

3) To have completed one of the educational institutions of the Republic of Turkey, with a minimum of 4 years in Law, Political Science, Economics, Business Administration, Economics and Administrative Sciences.

4) Group A of the Public Personnel Selection Examination held by OSYM in 2012 and 2013, is among the first 117 candidates who have scored 70 and above from KPSS P20. (In case the number of the applicants who meet the requirements for the exam is more than the number of 20 applicants, the first 20 will be taken to the candidate entrance examination starting from the candidate who has the highest score.

5) At the end of the investigation, not to be in a situation that would prevent the Inspectorship in terms of record and character. (This condition applies only to the written exam. kazanThe moment is in terms of candidates.)

6) In terms of health status, being able to go to all parts of the country to be able to do duty, the body or mental illness or body disability that may prevent him from doing his job continuously to be disabled.

7) To qualify as required by Inspectorate

D) Examination Applications: Starting from the day following the announcement of the announcement in the Official Gazette, 21.10.2013 will be on Monday until the end of the working hours. Talatpaşa Bulvarı No: 3 06330 Altındağ / Ankara address can be made in person or by mail and applications received after this date will not be considered.

E) Form and subject of written exam:

The written exam will be done according to the multiple choice test procedure. For each exam group, 1's question will be 100's question and 40 will be asked from each foreign language group to be selected.

The topics of the written exam are given below.

1) Law a) Constitutional Law b) General principles of administrative law, administrative jurisdiction, administrative organization c) Criminal Law (General Principles) ç) Civil Law (except for Family Law) d) Law of Obligations (General Principles) e) Commercial Law F) Execution and Bankruptcy Law (General Principles)

2) Economics a) Microeconomics b) Macroeconomics c) International Economics d) Business Economics

3) Finance a) Fiscal Policy b) Public incomes and expenditures c) Budget ç) General principles of Turkish Tax Legislation

4) Accounting a) General Accounting b) Balance sheet analysis and techniques c) Commercial Account

5) Foreign language: English, French, German.

F) Evaluation:

The entrance exam is in two stages, written and oral. Those who are not successful in the written exam cannot be taken to the oral exam. The full mark in the entrance exam is 100 separately from the written exam groups and only in the oral exam. In order to be considered successful in the written exam, each of the grades taken from the written exam groups other than the foreign language should not be less than 60 and the average should not be less than 65. written exam kazanthe names of the candidates at the moment with the Presidency of the TCDD Inspection Board ve It will be announced on the internet addresses, as well as the exam results and the written exam. kazanCandidates will be informed about the date and place of the oral exam by registered mail with return receipt requested to their communication address.

In the oral exam; In general, candidates' knowledge of Law, Economics, Finance and Public Administration, as well as their personal qualities such as intelligence, speed of drive, expression ability, attitude and movement are taken into consideration.

In order to be successful in the oral exam, the grade must not be less than 65.

In order to be successful in the examination of the assistant inspector, the entrance exam must not be less than 65. The entrance exam grade is based on the average of the written exam grade and the total of the oral exam grade.

If the number of those who succeed in the same entrance exam is higher than the number of staff, those with higher entrance exam grades are preferred. In case of equality of entrance exam grade, the candidate with superior foreign language grade will be given priority. kazanir. Exam results for others kazanis not considered a right.

Written and oral parts of the entrance exam kazanThe list of main and substitute candidates, with the TCDD Inspection Board Presidency s and TCDD will be notified by the Board of Inspectors.

G) Documents requested for the exam and other detailed information s from the address of the TCDD Inspection Board, 0312 3090515 / 4470-4770, and the “TCDD General Directorate Assistant Inspector Entrance Exam Application Form” from the TCDD Inspection Board Presidency or s available at.

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