Giresun Railway Platform president PİR met with Rector ATTAR

Giresun Railway Platform president PİR met with Rector ATTAR: Giresun Railway Platform president Sedat Pir met with Giresun University rector Prof. Dr. Aygün Attar in his office and gave information about the railway works to be descended from the Harşit Valley. Reminding that a workshop was held during the period of Yılmaz Can, he asked that he had some new ideas as a platform and that Giresun University would help them as a platform in these studies.

Sedat Pir, president of Giresun Railway Platform, said that he believes that the railway route will come from Harşit Valley and will be based in Tirebolu.


Giresun deputy and AK Party deputy Nurettin PİRİ stating create some contrasts of Canikli'nin explanation, Mr. grupbaşkanvekili we just Giresun not birisidir.inanıl not all the employees of the White peak names Party to Turkey for a working pace and intensity içersindedir.yap that false information was given to him that these explanations or in the form of a false statement, as the Platform, we believe.

Otherwise, Mr. Canikli becomes an attorney who contradicts his own discourse. However, the chairman of the group Mr. Canikli has never left his promise in the middle of the road and he has always been a follower of Giresun's vital project, the railway project and the reality of Harşit Valley. It is impossible for Mr. Canikli to ignore, let alone ignore it.

. As it is known, there are two alternatives for the railway project, which is planned to come to the Eastern Black Sea via Gümüşhane, ord said the president of the platform Pir. One of these is the Torul-Tirebolu route and the other is the Torul-Zigana Trabzon route. It was common belief that the Tirebolu route was more useful and safe in terms of both economic and climatic conditions in long-discussed and transverse routes. That's the truth. Even scientists from Trabzon accept this. Lately, all the explanations were in this direction. In fact, the latest statements made by the Vice President of the Republic of Tirebolu on the route should come and argued. What happened suddenly? There's a misunderstanding or understanding here.

As a platform, we never step back from this issue that we have struggled for years. We do not accept these explanations which are disappointing in Giresun public.

Upon the explanations, we immediately reacted to the issue as a platform and explained that the most profitable route was Harşit Valley. Our reactions will continue to increase. As Giresun, we will initiate mobilization to correct this issue and return from the mistake. After the explanations of Mr. Canikli, Trabzon KTU Transportation Department Head, MAÇKA's Prof. Dr. Fazıl Çelik evaluated the route studies of DLH and the Harşit Valley route was carried out by DLH. He stated that it is better than the Maçka route in the context. We want to continue our cooperation with our university. Because, in the period of Rector V. Yılmaz CAN, we held a workshop on the Railway and discussed the importance of the subject in scientific terms.

In this sense, 2. we wanted to meet with our Rector for a workshop. The appointment of this meeting was taken before the unfortunate statements. Now this appointment has become more meaningful. Nothing is too late, nothing is past, and the route will be the Harşit Valley.

Giresun, with the platform, the University, all NGOs and the people in the street by acting in this regard in the light of the mind and science in the light of the railway in the Harşit Valley through Torul to go to Tirebolu / Giresun to come directly from the Valley of the Torul to go directly to Trabzon on the railway Giresun it is no longer just a dream, artık he said.


Giresun Railway Platform head Sedat Pir opened new ideas and projects to Rector Prof. Dr. Attar and stated that the name of the highway in Harşit Valley was mentioned as the IRAN road when they were small, stating that there is an incredible logistics and freight transportation to the Middle East and especially to the state of IRAN. He stated that it is time to meet with the Railway, which is the most convenient route, Harşit Valley, and that new global exports and imports with GAP connection and Middle East axis will be made on these axes and routes.

Stating that the neighboring province Trabzon has brought the Harşit Valley route to many footsteps in order to construct this great cake in its own center, PİR stated that the Railway should come to Tirebolu despite everything and said, "Allah created the Harşit Valley for the Railway." Stating that Giresun will stand up if it is combined with a large megapole port to be built, PİR said that it would be a dream for at least 50 or 100 years for the railway going to Trabzon without using Harşit Valley.

Dear Rector Dr. Aygun ATTAR'da, expressing satisfaction with the visit, "as a university for every interest and work to be done for Giresun interests, as always, we are ready to cooperate with all NGOs and give all kinds of support," he said.

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