Pulse Hit Egyptian Wagon Exports

Shock Egypt Wagon export in Hit: Turkey's first and only railcar manufacturer of Bursa companies, 410 wagons exports to want to perform in Egypt, was canceled due to the coup in the country - Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors does not stop: "Railways Administration in Egypt, 410 railway wagons to receive he had planned on. They also contacted us. We agreed on many points, we did our preliminary studies and completed our preparations for production. But after the events, everything is left. ”

Turkey's first and only manufacturer of tramcar Bursalı company wants to perform 410 wagons exports to Egypt was canceled due to the coup in the country.

Durmazlar Board Chairman Huseyin Durmaz Machine, AA correspondent, in 2008, the result of an agreement they made with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's first tramway coaches said they started production.

Stating that they will start delivering wagons at the end of this month after 5 years, Durmaz said, “As of October, the wagons we produce will be put into service in Bursa. We live happy and proud to perform a first in Turkey, "he said.

Durmaz, increasing the population in the world as the value of public transportation has increased, people now from a point to reach a point in the shortest and most comfortable way wanted to reach, he said.

Tram, subway, high-speed vehicles, such as transportation means that provide comfort to people, stating that Durmaz, increasing the demands of these days.

Huseyin Durmaz, after the start of production of the wagon stressing that a large number of cars received the request from Turkey and abroad, said:

“Currently, the Metropolitan Municipalities of Izmir and Diyarbakir want a metro vehicle from us. He also contacted Iraq to buy a subway car. In addition, Russia and Iran demand both metro and tram vehicles. The Railway Administration in Egypt was planning to buy 410 train wagons. They also contacted us. We agreed on many points, we did our preliminary studies and completed our preparations for production. But everything remained when the events broke out. A woman working in the municipality in Germany called my sister by phone and said, `` Fatma, my municipality will take a tram. We definitely want to get it from Turkey. We want to see Turkish goods here, "he said. Turkey strengthen manufacturing in the world's got to pursue. In 1803, a 100 km speed train was built in England. We are in 2013. Nobody has done it for 210 years. We slept for 210 years. "
Production of the subway car after the tram

Durmaz, after the tram car manufacturing company in Turkey as still as a first underground vehicle said they would begin production.

Explaining that they are doing a great work for the production of metro vehicles, Durmaz said, “At the end of the year, we aim to finish the prototype of the metro vehicle. Our engineers within our company are now focused on this project. We will also realize this project. Bursa, Turkey in the production, we will announce the name of the subway car. We will fight world giants in this field. ”
Motor bogies of high speed trains from Bursa

Durmaz, 5-6 company that produces high-speed trains in the world, they are also among them a French company, they produce engine bogies, he said.

Noting that Bogien is one of the most important parts of the high speed train, Durmaz said, “We produce the bogies that they demand in our factory with a long-term agreement with the French company. High speed trains made by the French company are used in many countries of the world. Their motor bogies also go from Bursa. We produce 16 bogies per month. We will make the bogies of the high speed trains produced by the French company for 2 years. ”

Source : haberciniz.biz

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