First Domestic Fast Train Coming

📩 17/12/2018 18:15

First comes the domestic high-speed train: high-speed train cars after the Revolution's first domestic car devrimi.türkiye Revolution created Tulomsas, now also will produce the first domestic high-speed trains. The company, which opens the tender for the design, 'The end of this train will not be like the Revolution' he says.

Revolution Arabaları'yl to creating Turkey's first domestic car Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (Tulomsash) rolled up its sleeves to produce the first domestic High Speed ​​Train (YHT). Tülomsaş designed and manufactured automobiles at the Eskişehir Railway Factories in that day, and will revolutionize the domestic high-speed train at 130.

4 company offered offer

Tülomsaş opened a project tender for the concept design of YHT. 9 has been offering 2013 company so far in the process of receiving bid until September 4. Tülomsaş, which already produces an electric motor, will start to produce domestic high speed trains with design. Tülomsaş will also include TUBITAK and universities. TCDD wants to meet Tülomsaş's experience in the field of High Speed ​​Train as well as its experience and experience.

Tülomsaş Marketing Department President Ekrem Turan, said they work fast, terek Previously TCDD'nın Spanish CAF company won the tender. Our goal now is to produce our own high-speed train. Artık Turan said that the revolution had revolutionized the domestic car. Tur The end of the high-speed train will not be like the Revolution. We also produce and export in Turkey and abroad, "he said.


YHT'ler still serves in Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya lines. The lower costs of production and the Tulomsas yht'n is scheduled to spread to Turkey. In the tender specifications, the phrase 'design in accordance with Turkish culture' is remarkable. Accordingly, both the outside of the train and inside the tulip symbol, such as coating or designs will be made. The latest technology will include a multimedia system in the seats when controls are made with touch screens.

275 will MAKE KM SPEED

The length of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) lines reaches 880 kilometers. Domestic YHT's 25 kv / 50 Hz AC electric motor can still be produced in Tülomsaş. The planned speed of the domestic YHT at 275 mileage can be increased with minor changes.


Although the last bits of frustration Revolution, is referred to as Turkey's first indigenous car. Everything starts at 1961 by calling 20, one of the executives and engineers of the State Railways Factories and Cer Apartments, in Ankara. With 1.4 million pounds, 130 is required to produce domestic cars during the day. The incredible work of the engineers, although no one is unlikely, and the 29 October 1961 'Revolution' is taken to the Grand National Assembly building and presented to President Cemal Gürsel. The end of the two Revolution, which was taken to Ankara, has been emptied of gasoline tanks for security reasons. Cemal Pasha ride into the car, the engine stops after the 100 meter. Although the second vehicle gasoline is put, the pasha, "You did a car with the Western head, but you forgot the refill of the gasoline with the head of the east," the words of history.

Nobody talks about the allocation of 25 million pounds for the breeding of horses while talking about the period spent wasting the budget.


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