Foundation of Railway Overpass in Somalia

The Foundation of Somada Railway Overpass was laid: The foundation of the railway overpass, which was planned to facilitate road passage and to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow, was laid in the Zafer District of Soma district.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the railway overpass bridge to be connected to Fahrettin Altay Street from Vakıf Street, Soma Mayor Hasan Ergene stated that the approximate cost of the overpass is 1 million 600 thousand liras.

Ergene, said:

“It has been our fortune today to lay the foundation of the overpass, whose project we have been waiting for for years. The firm, which won the tender for our overpass project, will complete and deliver our bridge in a period of 3 months. We held a tender for this in 2008, arsenic was detected in the drinking water of our Soma at that time. At that time, it was urgent and important for us to build an arsenic treatment plant. We canceled our overpass bridge project and built an arsenic treatment plant. Later, the residents of Zafer Mahallesi said we would wait a little longer for the overpass, high school was more important for us, and we completed the school. Now it's time for our overpass. Good luck to our Somama and neighborhood. "

According to information obtained, 1 to be completed in 10 kilometers long, 9,5 meters wide and 150 meters planned to be XNUMX meters high.

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