Cumhuriyet Street Tram Accident

This is how the tram accident that occurred on Cumhuriyet Street was reflected in MOBESE. The accidents that occurred at 8 different points in Bursa were recorded by MOBESE in seconds.

MOBESE cameras viewed the tram accident that occurred in Cumhuriyet Street in the previous days. The moment the tram hit the city bus and after it was reflected in the cameras.

In the accident that occurred on Yalova Road, when the minibus tried to turn from the roundabout, it hit the car that came from the left lane fast.

In the accident that took place in Hürriyet, when the parked van suddenly hit the road, it hit the motorcycle on the road.

In another accident in Beşevler, the citizen trying to pass through the pedestrian crossing was left under the van, which quickly returned from the crossroads.

In the accident that took place at Gençosman Intersection, the vehicle, which was driving on Yalova Road, suddenly turned to the Merinos side and hit the vehicle from behind.

On Yalova Road, suddenly, the images of the flaming vehicle were reflected on the cameras.



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