Response from Can CANKESEN to the Privatization of Railways Claims

Response from Can CANKESEN to the Privatization of Railways Claims
They asked Mevlana: ”You wrote this much, what did you know? Mev. And he said, "I know about my place!"

If you say why I made such an entry to the article;

In recent days, both social media, as well as written and visual media, so many unpredictable multiplication! If you have patience in a place, you can say “This is not so much Bir.

The agenda is especially intense in the railways. The Kanunu Railway Liberalization Law “is on the agenda. As long as he wants, he speaks and speaks, and as long as the law is released, he begins to make long sentences.

In these long sentences, there is no chance to come across a single word for hope.

Yunus Emre, the lover of love, says:

Talep I called among the Ahli languages, I made demand.

Every trick was desirable.

You're on the right track, and you've got the curve,

You are on the right track as long as you know yourself Sen Sen

Good manners and behaviors that have become customs, traditions and rules in a society or they kazanIt is the term used in the sense of information.

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes man from other creatures is mind and imagination. Because man, but with these two merits have a personality of good morals and decency.

Let us say that manners, mind and life are very important in human relations.

The Law on Railway Liberalization has been a process that has kept the minds of the railroads busy for many years and what makes the developments like after the law has been passed.

In What did the trade unions and other NGOs do before they came to this process? ST is a process that the railroaders question.

The Railway Liberalization Law is a text consisting of a total of 14-15 substances. However, in the meetings and seminars organized in our organization for a few months, we have seen that the number of brothers who read the law in return for the answer to the question of kanun How many people are there between you? .

Another issue that attracted our attention during our organization trips was that the employees said that ları the railways will be customized and we will be thrown into the pool Teş. When we asked cevap Who told you? I or gel From whom did you hear? Ald the answer was um The other day we were told by a union or an NGO that they had come “.

When we say iyor Well, did you believe these words? In, ler The Law of Privatization is coming. The state will hand us over to the private sector. However, as a result of our mutual consultation, we came together with hundreds of our brothers who could be convinced and persuaded.

In these meetings, we had the opportunity to read and interpret the articles of the law, which are likely to come out with crowded groups in the meetings we organized in many provinces. We saw that! In the process of drafting and drafting this draft law, both Civil Society Organizations and TCDD Management have failed to provide the necessary explanation and illumination to employees. “What do you need such an arrangement? What is the law removed, what does it bring?,. As a result; When we look at the size of the employees, we have seen that an environment of fear, threat and oppression has been prepared as it is not helping to develop the feelings of feeling secure, job security and belonging.

If you say, eniz What does that mean? “ I think that if the reason, the result and the result of the process until the day of the draft law has been well expressed by the parties, some employees would not use the means of expressing themselves with the method of stopping the trains and stopping the trains.

As Transport Officer Sen, we tried to evaluate the process of drafting the Railway Liberalization Law from the first day we took office and we did not stop asking ourselves what we can do. In our meetings with TCDD management and the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, we have voiced that every employee is an important issue. After the law, we did our utmost to ensure that none of our personnel were sent out of the institution and not to be disturbed.

Employee satisfaction and peace in the direction of the new structure of the law will occur after the employees in the workplace is not touched by the work of our union was realized. The General Director of TCDD and the Minister of Transport have personally stated the role of Transport Officer Sen in the process of structuring as a subsidiary of TCDD Transportation.

As a result, after the enactment of the law, no railroad employee has been thrown into the pool as some have said, and will not lose job security. The employees of Tüdemsaş, Tülomsaş and Tüvasaş affiliated to TCDD will be more secure if they have job security. I especially want to know that.

After the law, the private sector will provide siege, foreign companies will invade our country, the people will be punished, high prices, transportation, slavery and subcontracting human dignity will be violated, accidents will increase, our future is at risk of those who use the words of the believers and the employees themselves were able to convince Need to ask.

In today's world, there is no way to accomplish great works by creating a horror empire! Communication is much easier now than in the past. All the works that are planned and planned are taking place in front of society.

From this sentence;

Unuz If there are so many bad things, you have been a so-called unionist who has been living in Ankara for years. We had guards in the passages, where are they now? We can't see, can you see? Biz

“We had boxers in many places. Now, in many places, private sector employees are working, where are our shopkeepers? Şimdi

? There were employees who handed out paperwork, cleaning, distributing tea, making in-house workers. Do you know about TCDD? Where are they?"

Eleman Where have we seen our staff doing maintenance and repair work in many places? “

Or For the last fifteen years, we have been wandering around the lines of companies and companies, which we call the third party, which is not running TCDD on our lines, as 33 75 or 23 75. They have a good load, they almost approached 40 in transportation. Who are you, do you know them, or do you know that these wagons have been traveling in our lines for many years and they do transport? Bunlar

Do they not ask the man, mı Have you ever seen your union activities since all these years? Nerede

Of course they ask!

Because you have not heard the sound of today and crying today in the written and visual media opportunity to cover your inertia, laziness and shame for the first time this year to cover the authority of the Transport Officer Sen'i pointing to the government's privatization policies in addition to dealing with a kadar there, we are dealing with him ”who will believe your words? Know that you do not have the side to cover your shame, nobody believes you anymore.

For years, all employees of the authorized union began to account for all employees unauthorized. In those days when the authorization month comes, the employees who work with thousands of members differentiated by the Transport Officer Sen and said Sen I produce them from the work ile and cut the account of those who continuously consume.

Let us conclude our remarks by reminding us of possible developments after the draft law;

TCDD Transportation will be the subsidiary of TCDD. Railway infrastructure investments will not be deprived of state support and high-speed train infrastructure and units will be supported.

Traffic management remained monopolized by TCDD. When the law was examined, the lands of TCDD were not taken to any people and institutions. The privilege of transiting the trains, expropriation authority, construction of conduit line and 49 annuity will be conducive to leasing of the hand of TCDD after the law even if the disputes deducted from the years of accidents in the level crossings are taken from the opposite side to the last penny.

These are what I have seen and read in the law.

In addition, the regulations on the retirement of employees are also present in the law and are planned as% 25,30 and% 40. Employee benefit from this incentive will not benefit. There is a gap between the salaries of the employees and the pension. We suggest that this situation should be corrected in the collective agreements and employees who do not benefit from the incentives received without incentives should not retire.

My esteemed railroad brothers;

I wanted to inform you about the process with this article. I salute you with respect and reverence.

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