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single cozum national industry
single cozum national industry

What time do the trains leave? Conventional train sets (0-160 km/h), accelerated (160-250 km/h), high-speed trains (250-350 km/h), and those with a speed over 350 km per hour constitute the high-speed train class. . Rail system vehicles between 0-160 km, which are primarily discussed and discussed in Turkey. This range is also very important because tram and metro vehicles are in this category. So much money has been spent on the railways, but there is not yet a rail system vehicle revealed by the relevant ministers.

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Işık, "National train will be on the track in November," he has a description. Some of our newspapers, which do not understand what is the subject, put the word “fast Hızlı on the head and carried it to the headline as“ National High Speed ​​Train olduğun.

Light from the Minister a few days ago Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) General Manager Erol Inal, had made a statement. Noting that the manufacturing process will start soon in the National Train Project, he said, iyle By the leave of God, 2.5 will be put on national train track during the year Milli. It's hard to have something like that in this time. If not, the ”national sa would be unpredictable.

As you can see, there is a confusion about the national train. Because there are so many national train projects in the middle, choose and choose on the track. However, there is a story of a national rail system that has been accomplished for those who think about these things. Recep Altepe, elected as the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for two terms Durmazlar The silk tramworm is in service with the 100% national tram that it has set out with the Holding. The Green City light rail vehicle was introduced to the world in Berlin a month ago. Therefore, there is a concrete road map on how to build the national train.

The project mentioned by Minister Işık is being developed under the roof of TÜLOMSAŞ and supported by TÜBİTAK. 10 million pounds budget project has been talking for a long time. If the 5 million budget was set up with the private sector, the developed vehicles would be on the tracks today. I didn't know?

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