France Italy High Speed ​​Train Project Protested

italy railway investment approved
italy railway investment approved

Environmentalist groups opposing the France-Italy high-speed train project, which is planned to be built between France and Italy, organized a protest in Lyon. French President François Hollande and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti signed the controversial Lyon-Torino high-speed train line project.

Demonstrators say the project is an unnecessary expenditure during the economic crisis:, I think this project is unnecessary, harmful, only the infrastructure work cost 24 billion Euros. Why is the public money not used for other things in this crisis? This is a question that all sensitive citizens have the right to ask. Bu

As part of the France-Italy high-speed train project, a 57-kilometer tunnel will be built in the Alpine region between Lyon and Turin. After the completion of the project, the 7-hour train journey time between Paris and Milan will be reduced to 4 hours. The high-speed train line is expected to come into service in 2028 or 2029.

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